You can’t help how you feel.

Since 2009, while working at his second worst job, Saint Beckett (AKA Nicholas Beckett) has been rallying the troops against all manner of moronism, careerism, mediocrity, and dullness in the ongoing work of Songs of Protest. Initially it was only going to be a few figures, but with no end of upsetting developments on the world’s stage he was unable to stop, creating an army of the angry and disappointed. Now approaching 1000 there is no stopping this force of nature.

In 2014 six of these angry friends made an appearance at Waterloo Library in “There’s no end in sight,” which caused much comment and commotion. They were joined by 101 of their friends in the Cabinet of the Unconsidered. One of his favourite comments was “A lot of people reacted to them. Especially the larger figures, which are particularly confronting.”

At the time Saint Beckett said “You’ve seen the band. Next year I’ll bring my orchestra!”

And so it will be.


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